Carriers Lose Operating Authority

What Happens When Your BOC-3 Agent Goes Out of Business? 7 Important Things to Know.

in a recent incident, a BOC-3 agent went out of business without notifying the carriers it represented. As a result, many carriers lost their operating authority and were forced to cease operations.

A BOC-3 agent is a person or company that is designated by a motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder to receive legal documents on their behalf. This is a requirement for all interstate carriers under federal law.

In this case, the BOC-3 agent failed to notify the carriers it represented that it was going out of business. This meant that the carriers were no longer in compliance with the law and their operating authority was revoked.

The carriers were caught off guard by this situation and had little time to react. They were forced to scramble to find new BOC-3 agents and file new paperwork with the FMCSA. In some cases, they were unable to complete the process before their operating authority was revoked.

This incident highlights the importance of carriers carefully selecting their BOC-3 agents. Carriers should make sure that their agents are reputable and financially stable. They should also check with the FMCSA to make sure that their agents are in good standing.

Carriers should also be proactive in monitoring their BOC-3 agents. They should make sure that their agents are providing them with the required services and that they are in compliance with all federal regulations.

By taking these steps, carriers can help to avoid the disruptions and financial losses that can result from a BOC-3 agent going out of business.

The Carrier loses their Authority for short time of period and they reinstate their Authority, then the years they spend hard working effort all goes into trash with one Boc-3 Agent issue, Because they have to re start the history of Mc ; 90 days period nobody will book loads with you + Double brokering situation + scammers + Brokers not paying + Rates low And They expect carriers to be perfect and + the brokers will not work with Carriers with lots of sca inspection or lots of violations or even funny part they will not work if you dont have inspections at all . !

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